Blinder HP-905 Laser Jammer Reviews

Radar Roy's Test & Review

Radar Roy's HP905 Compact Testing Results

"My Bottom Line Recommendation for the Blinder HP-905 Laser Jamming System

As police laser enforcement is becoming more and more prevalent each day you need the protection of having a high-powered laser defense system to keep you ticket free.

And as of today, the Blinder HP-905 Compact has become my #1 choice.

Blinder has jammed all the performance of the larger and more expensive Laser Interceptor into a more compact and affordable laser jamming system that will save you money and time.

Because of the compact size of the laser jamming heads, the Blinder is much easier to install and is much less noticeable to law enforcement.

This review is based upon my 20 years in law enforcement as a certified police radar instructor and my 17 years being involved in the speed counter measurement industry."

Laser Countermeasures tests by SpeedZones

Annual Radar Detector / Anti-Laser Test 2011-2012

Read the full test information from Speed Measurement Laboratories Inc.

"The Blinder M27 had the most success in jamming laser guns. Computer programs are available from the laser jammer makers to upgrade individual devices as new laser guns enter the market. As we have said before, the major announcements in the law enforcement market come from laser gun manufacturers. Expect to see more laser gun use in the future. Honolulu does not own a radar gun, only laser."

Product Testimonials

"For my money, that jammer should always be the BLINDER Xtreme. The Blinder comes in two versions: the two-jammer M-20 for sedans and four-jammer M-40 for SUVs and trucks. The Blinder consists of a small dash-mounted control/display unit wired to two or more jammers. The tough part is installation: a basic install may cost $300, but a fully concealed, custom-built version invisible to the average cop may run $1000. (Mine are buried so deep they've passed scrutiny by a group of eight Belgian Highway Patrol Officers at a roadblock.) What makes the BLINDER so good? Although there are several other products nearly as good and similarly priced - notably the Escort ZR-3 , the Lidatek LE-30 and the Bel 905 - the Blinder's jamming capabilities are significantly better."
–Alex Roy, who drove from New York to Los Angeles in 32 Hours, 7 Minutes.

Source: Gizmodo, World's Greatest Laser Jammers

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