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 Smart Automotive – Official Canadian Blinder Distributor

Smart Automotive Products Inc. is the official Canadian distributor of Blinder Park Assist and Laser Protection products.  We have over ten years of experience in selling Blinder products around the world.

As the exclusive Canadian distributor for Blinder International, we aim to introduce new and innovative products to the radar detection industry.  Based in Denmark, Blinder products are manufactured to the highest European standards and are unrivalled by any other laser detectors, laser jammers or laser protection products.

Blinder's anti-laser systems have been rated No.1 every year since the company's formation in 1989 and they continue to offer performance and innovation that surpasses every other manufacturer.

Blinder produces the best laser Defense Devices and radar detectors available.

Smart Automotive takes pride in our long-standing relationship with Blinder and we work to deliver their products to Canadians.  We strive for excellence in customer service and guarantee your satisfaction when you purchase any Blinder product from us.

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