Blinder Spare Parts

Blinder CPU

The Blinder HP905 CPU is the main interface between up to four jammer heads. It can also be used as an in-car display unit with a built-in speaker and volume control.

$199.95 CAD

Blinder HP-905 Multifunctional External Buzzer & Led

Great for custom installs.

The Blinder HP-905 External Buzzer and LED is similar to the previous Blinder Xtreme M27/M47 series as it provides one with the option of completely concealing the Blinder CPU/Display unit. Some drivers prefer this as only the Led is visible and the external buzzer is still concealed yet providing loud alerts


Settings can be customized with the online software to provide

1) Buzzer and Led Alerts

2) Buzzer, Led and voice alerts


$44.95 CAD

Laser jammer module/transponder

Replace your module or upgrade your kit.

$239.00 CAD

Laser Shield License Plate Cover

Absorbs and diffuses  incoming laser beams from a laser guns.

Fits all standard US/Canadian license plate brackets

$28.00 CAD

LT-15 Laser/detector/jammer tester

This unit has the ability to simulate the following Laser/Lidar guns pulse rates:

  • Janoptic or Ultratyle LTi 20-20
  • Marksman or Ultralyte LTi 20-20
  • Stalker LZ1
  • Laser Atlanta or Kustom Prolaser 2
  • Laser Atlanta stealth mode
  • Kustom Prolaser 3 or Kustom Pro Lite
  • LTI Truspeed
  • TrafficPatrol XR
  • NJL SCS-102
  • Riegl
  • Laveg
  • Unknown Gun
  • LTI Truspeed EU (TS2)

$65.00 CAD

Mounting Kit for laser jammer module (set of two)

Keep your jammer secure with this mounting bracket, sold as a pair.

$35.00 CAD

Three (3) way Illuminated switch

Replacement Three (3)way illuminated switch with selectable modes -system can be used as a parking sensor in 'parking assist mode' or as a laser detector in 'receive mode' or as a Laser/Lidar jammer in 'defense' mode

$59.95 CAD

Wiring Install Kit

Get your HP-905 powered up with this wiring install kit.

$24.95 CAD

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